Gloaming Cilantro's Meroe

Goat, Nubian, Kid (female) | dark red, B&W trim, gold facials

ADGA#  | DOB: 1/22/2021 (Under 1 yr)

Gloaming Semolina's Gill

Gloaming Semolina's Gill

NubianBuck (male)brown, black trim, white spots
ADGA# N1990141DOB: 3/17/20182 yrs
Gill is the son of Semolina and Pharaoh. Semolina was a first freshener who was appraised as young stock in 2016. Her final score was V; V EC EC. After completing her first year milking, her record was 237 1806 3.9P 5.2 F. Her appraisal score in 2017 was 85 (V,+,V,+). She earned her Superior Genetics designation as a first freshener! She was appraised in August 2018 with a final score of 86 (V,E,V,+). Gill is a loudly marked brown and white buck who could do good things in your herd! He has been tested and is G6D (N/N) - normal - not a carrier. We have been using him this Fall and Winter. His kids are showing lots of color!!
 ADGA# N1990141 brown, black trim, white spots
Gloaming Rye's Cilantro

Gloaming Rye's Cilantro

NubianDoe (female)Black with red trim
ADGA# N1919248DOB: 3/24/20173 yrs
Cilantro's dam, Rye, is a large black doe with a lovely udder that is easy to milk. She produced 2692 lbs of milk (105P, 130F) in 363 days. Her 2017 Linear Appraisal score was 90 E V V E as a 6 year old. The sire is Durham, a large, personable buck who scored well at last year's Linear Appraisal as a yearling: FS 86 V E V. We did not get her bred for the 2020 season and she is milking through. She has milked 326 days 1205 4.1P 6.3F.
 ADGA# N1919248 Black with red trim

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Meroe's dam is Cilantro, a large black doe with a beautiful udder. We milked her straight through until she kidded with Meroe because her ultrasound said that she wasn't bred. SURPRISE!! Cilantro's extended lactation was 581 days 2036 lbs milk, 111 lbs butterfat, 87 lbs protein.

Updated 2/19/2021