Gloaming Nubians

We've been raising Nubians since 1982 with our focus on animals that will be structurally correct and give lots of milk. We don't show often but we are on DHIR and are appraised yearly.

We milk year-round and our does often produce milk for extended lactations of greater than 400 days.

Most of the older does have earned ADGA's Superior Genetics designation (SG) as well as their * for milk production.

milkers enjoying the pasture

what? No more milk?????

Most of our doe kids are from SG does with linear appraisal scores of 87 and higher and mammaries with a score of V or E.

We are breeding for the 2020-2021 season now. Our first does have freshened in mid-December. Typically we have does kidding through June for year-round milk. We are using VVFarm RR Obie and Gloaming Vetch's Pelee as our bucks this season.

Our first five does have freshened. These first goats to freshen are all two-year olds and this is their first freshening so we don't know what to expect for milk production.

Now that we have had 8 does freshen, we have 8 doelings and 9 bucklings. More kiddings are planned through June.

Mayon/Obie - 3 bucklings, 2 sold
Galeras/Obie - 2 bucklings, sold
Pinatubo/Obie - 1 buckling, sold; 1 doeling - sold
Stromboli/Pelee - 2 doelings, 1 for sale - $150
Toby/Pelee - 2 doelings, 1 for sale - $150
Crow/Gill - 2 bucklings, $200 each
Cilantro/Gill - 1 doeling, not for sale
Volt/Obie - 2 doelings, 1 buckling - 1 doeling $150, buckling $150