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Gloaming Nubians

We've been raising Nubians since 1982 with our focus on animals that will be structurally correct and give lots of milk. We don't show often but we are on DHIR and are appraised yearly.

We milk year-round and our does often produce milk for extended lactations of greater than 400 days.

Most of the older does have earned ADGA's Superior Genetics designation (SG) as well as their * for milk production.

Yukon's twins
Cilantro's twin does

milkers enjoying the pasture

milkers in Winter

Most of our doe kids are from SG does with linear appraisal scores of 87 and higher and mammaries with a score of V or E. All the bucks we are using for 2018/2019 breedings have been tested for G6S deficiency and are negative.

We have one yearling buck available. He is Gloaming Semolina's Gill. We used him this winter to breed many of our does. He has been throwing kids with a lot of color!!

Our 2019 kids have started to arrive.

Here is a quick listing of the breedings for this season and when the does are expected to kid:

Tamarind bred to Macintosh - red doe kid DOB 1/16/19 - SOLD
Fennel bred to Macintosh - two red and white doe kids DOB 1/18/19 - SOLD
Semolina bred to Macintosh - quads on 3/16/19, Sold
Spelt bred to Macintosh - twin doe kids on 4/5/19 - SOLD
Vetch bred to Macintosh - twin bucklings on 4/12, one is sold
Winesap bred to Joules - triplet does on 4/25/19 - SOLD
Poppy bred to Gill - a buckling and a doeling on 4/28/19, none are available
Coriander bred to Gill - twin doe kids on 4/25/19, Sold
Rye bred to Macintosh - a buckling and a doeling on 4/30/19, both are sold
Cilantro bred to Macintosh - twin doe kids on 5/18/19, both are sold
Millet bred to Joules - single doe kid on 5/31/2019, not available
Ginger bred to Gill - single doe kid on 5/25/19, not available
Saffron bred to Macintosh - twin doe kids on 6/2/19, SOLD
Crocus bred to Gill - triplet bucklings on 7/6, SOLD
Yukon bred to Joules - twin does on 7/6 - SOLD
Chickpea bred to Gill - twin bucks on 7/8,Sold