Gloaming Toby's Amantitire

Goat, Nubian, Kid (female) | brown, black & white trim

ADGA# tbr | DOB: 12/14/2020 (Under 1 yr)

Gloaming Vetch's Pelee

Gloaming Vetch's Pelee

NubianBuck (male)brown, white blaze,
ADGA# N2077566DOB: 4/12/20191 yr
Pelee's dam is SG Gloaming Valium's Vetch who is a wonderful aged doe. She last appraised in 2018 at 7 yrs with a 91 for the final score. She is an easy and very consistent milker. We expect good things from this junior herd sire.
 ADGA# N2077566 brown, white blaze,
Gloaming Ginger's Toby

Gloaming Ginger's Toby

NubianJr. Doe (female)red tobiano
ADGA# N2077568DOB: 5/25/20191 yr
Toby is a red doe with lots of white on her face and sides (tobiano marking in the horse world) Toby's dam is Ginger. Ginger is a medium sized red doe with a nicely shaped udder. She was appraised for the first time in August 2018 with a final score of 88 (V,E,E,V). She completed her first lactation with 464 1352 56P 74F. We were not appraised in 2019. Ginger completed her 2019 lactation with 251 1057 40P 54F. So far in her 2020 lactation she has milked 456 lbs in 57 days. Toby's sire is Pharaoh.
 ADGA# N2077568 red tobiano


Amantitire's dam, Toby, has a beautiful body and udder. She has been on test for only 2 months so I don't have a milk record for her but Toby gave 7.6 lbs of milk on her last test.

Updated 2/20/2021