Gloaming Saffron's Galeras

Goat, Nubian, Kid (female) | brown, large white spot on head

ADGA# TBR | DOB: 6/2/2019 (Under 1 yr)

*B Gloaming Rye's McIntosh

*B Gloaming Rye's McIntosh

NubianBuck (male)red with black dorsal; white ears
ADGA# N1767205DOB: 1/1/20164 yrs
McIntosh's sire is Descoteaux SD Luke who was appraised as a three year old with FS 87 (V,+,E). His dam is SG Gloaming Seine's Rye who has milked over 2300 lbs in her last two lactations and appraised as a five year old with FS 89 (V,E,V,V). He was one of quads (two bucks and two does).
 ADGA# N1767205 red with black dorsal; white ears
Gloaming Vetch's Saffron

Gloaming Vetch's Saffron

NubianFirst Freshener (female)brown with white face
ADGA# N1919250DOB: 6/20/20172 yrs
Saffron's dam, Vetch, is a large reddish brown doe with a nice udder that is easy to milk. She produced 3444 lbs of milk (141P 178F) in 603 days. Her 2017 Linear Appraisal score was 91 E E E E as a six year old. The sire is Pharaoh. As with the other Pharaoh kids, Saffron has a very correct topline and a lovely udder. She was bred to McIntosh and kidded on 6/2 with twin does. One is available.
 ADGA# N1919250 brown with white face


Updated 12/16/2019