Gloaming Millet's Cotopaxi

Goat, Nubian, Jr. Doe (female) | black, white trim & knees

ADGA# N2077567 | DOB: 5/31/2019 (2 yrs)

Gloaming Rye's Joule

Gloaming Rye's Joule

NubianBuck (male)brown, white on left flank
ADGA# N1990136DOB: 4/23/20183 yrs
This brown and white young buck is the son of one of my best does, Rye. She has earned her SG designation and has consistently appraised in the high 80's and low 90's. We have been using him to breed some of our older does this Fall and Winter. His first kids are due in April. He has been tested and is G6D (N/N) - normal, not a carrier.
 ADGA# N1990136 brown, white on left flank
Gloaming Bibb's Millet

Gloaming Bibb's Millet

NubianDoe (female)red with white on flank
ADGA# N1749172DOB: 5/26/20156 yrs
Millet was appraised in 2016 as young stock. Her overall rating was EC; V, EC, EC. As a first freshener with 8 month's of milking, she appraised in 2017 with 81 (V,A,E,+). Millet was dried off early because of stubborn sub-clinical mastitis. She has kidded last year (2018) with a buckling and two doelings. She appraised in August with a final score of 87 (V,E,E,+). She milked for 336 days with 841 33P 36F. She kidded this year with a single doe kid which I am keeping.
 ADGA# N1749172 red with white on flank


Updated 6/15/2020