Gloaming Mesclun's Chickpea

Goat, Nubian, Doe (female) | red roan with white ears

ADGA# N1732024 | DOB: 1/9/2015 (6 yrs)

+*B Gloaming Miele's Morocco

+*B Gloaming Miele's Morocco

NubianBuck (male)brown/black roan
ADGA# N1612847DOB: 1/1/20129 yrs
Morocco is a large, gentle "Guido" son. His 2016 Linear Appraisal score was 87 V V E. We have used him extensively for this year's kids. We do not yet have any milking daughters however his sire was ranked #9 on the USDA sire summary in 2013.
 ADGA# N1612847 brown/black roan
SG Gloaming Kiwi's Mesclun

SG Gloaming Kiwi's Mesclun

NubianDoe (female)red with white ears and a bald face
ADGA# N1553636DOB: 12/29/200911 yrs
This large red doe is so easy to milk! She has been a top producer at our farm for a number of years. Her 2016 milk record as an eight-year old was 363 2858 114P 138F. At last year's Linear Appraisal she scored with FS 90, V E E E.
 ADGA# N1553636 red with white ears and a bald face


Chickpea was appraised in 2016 as young stock. Her overall rating was V; V, V, V. As a first freshener (8 months fresh), she scored 83 (V,A,V, +). She completed her first year milking with a record of 356 1614 4.3P 5.5 F.
She kidded last year (2018) with a buck and a doeling. She was appraised in August with a final score of 86 (V,E,+,+). She completed her first lactation with 376 1449 55F 67P.

She has been bred to Gill and is due on July 8.

Updated 11/26/2019


First Freshener (female)3 yrsred, white patch on left flank