Spelt's doe kids

Spelt's doe kids

Gloaming Jonquil's Spelt

Goat, Nubian, Doe (female) | brown with white ears

ADGA# N1732018 | DOB: 2/4/2015 (6 yrs)

+*B Gloaming Miele's Morocco

+*B Gloaming Miele's Morocco

NubianBuck (male)brown/black roan
ADGA# N1612847DOB: 1/1/20129 yrs
Morocco is a large, gentle "Guido" son. His 2016 Linear Appraisal score was 87 V V E. We have used him extensively for this year's kids. We do not yet have any milking daughters however his sire was ranked #9 on the USDA sire summary in 2013.
 ADGA# N1612847 brown/black roan
Gloaming Kale's Jonquil


Spelt aborted one month before her due date in 2016. She came into milk 10 days later so we have production data for her. In 277 days she produced 1150 lbs of milk with 67 lbs of butterfat and 46 lbs of protein. She was appraised as young stock in 2016. Her overall rating was V; V, EC, V. In 2017 after milking for 9 months, she appraised with 82 (+,+,V,+). In 2018, she kidded with twins; a buck and a doe. Her milk record was: 288 1542 78P 57F.

In 2019, Spelt kidded with twin does in April. One doe kid is available.

Updated 8/28/2019


Kid (female)3 yrsred roan, white patches on flanks