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Gloaming Mesclun's Crocus

Goat, Nubian, Doe (female) | red brown with white ears and nose

ADGA# N1712715 | DOB: 3/7/2013 (8 yrs)

Descoteaux SD Luke
SG Gloaming Kiwi's Mesclun

SG Gloaming Kiwi's Mesclun

NubianDoe (female)red with white ears and a bald face
ADGA# N1553636DOB: 12/29/200911 yrs
This large red doe is so easy to milk! She has been a top producer at our farm for a number of years. Her 2016 milk record as an eight-year old was 363 2858 114P 138F. At last year's Linear Appraisal she scored with FS 90, V E E E.
 ADGA# N1553636 red with white ears and a bald face

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Crocus or Crows as she is called in our barn is a large, easy to milk doe. She produced 2531 lbs of milk (111P, 156F) in 600 days. In her next freshening she produced 2170 lbs of milk (88P, 118F) in 379 days. Her 2016 Linear Appraisal score was 85 V + E +. Her 2017 Linear Appraisal score was 87 V V V V. She was appraised again in 2018 and her score was 89 V E V V. We were not appraised in 2019. Crow completed her 2019 lactation with 540 lbs of milk in 165 days (rebred early).

She was bred to Joule and kidded on 2/14/20. So far she has milked868 lbs in 125 days.

Updated 7/5/2020


Kid (male)Under 1 yrred roan, B&W trim, 4 W feet
Doe (female)4 yrsbrown with white & dark brown trim
Not for Sale
Kid (female)2 yrsred with white stripe over shoulder
Jr. Doe (female)2 yrsred with white spots