Chestnut Chestnut's dam Vetch

Gloaming Vetch's Chestnut

Goat, Nubian, Buck (male) | red with white on flank

ADGA# N1749175 | DOB: 5/5/2015 (5 yrs)



Chestnut is a large yearling buck who has had no difficulties in covering any of my older does. He was appraised this year with a score of 86 VV+.

His dam, Gloaming Valium's Vetch, is a Superior Genetics doe (PTI 48 48) who appraised at 90 VEEE this year, despite having been in milk for over 400 days. His sire is Descoteaux SD Luke who appraised at 87 V+E as a two-year old. We are using Chestnut to breed does in our herd until we sell him. At the moment, we have too many bucks.

Updated 6/10/2018